And the Answer Is: The Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, AZ

And the answer to the riddle “What’s orange and blue and 73 all over?”: The Fiesta Bowl

in Phoenix, AZ.

Go Broncos! What a game, and to be there to experience the 17-10 win with all those Boise State fans was amazing. Here’s a rundown of the trip

and game with photos!

Left Boise at 9:00am on Sunday–foggy and ugly here. 24 degrees. Wasn’t sure we’d be able to fly out. We were on a charter plane with 130 BSU fans bound for Glendale, AZ. It was pretty fun to travel in such a pumped up group. Landed in Phoenix to fabulous weather. We opted to rent a car to get around rather than rely on the travel agency’s bus. Arrived at the hotel, put on some shorts and my darling husband drove me to the DSW to buy shoes. Go Greg! Then we went to the mall and I looked at a necklace I’ve had my eye on in the Neiman’s catalogue. Decided, yes, I really need that. (Thanks, Dad, for my Christmas money!) Ran into some TCU kids in the mall and took my picture. Good kids, great sportsmanship. Had some chuckles. I made their horned frog sign. Too funny. Back at the hotel, sat poolside in 73 degree weather and read James Patterson. Pathetically, my husband and I realized we had dressed like twins. Both of us in our blue BSU t-shirts, khaki shorts and sneakers. We’re getting old. Met our neighbors and friends for dinner that night and had great Mexican food at Ajo Al’s. Yum yum. Hit the motel and was asleep early.

Next day, game day, did more running around, more shopping. Looked at patio furniture . . . when in Rome . . . Heh heh. Back at the hotel, got ready for the game. Went to the tailgate party, drank beer–I’m not a beer drinker, but also one must drink beer at football games. Stadium a sea of orange. I’d say 2/3 of the fans were Boise Staters. Go Broncos! Both teams had nice folks, watched the game, screamed my head off. Opener of the game–they let a bald eagle lose an fly over the crowd. A show stopper. End of the game, watched Coach Pete accept his Fiesta Bowl trophy again. Oh yeah, husband drove me to team hotel the day before and I was so close to players–could have hugged them all. 🙂 And that fake punt by Brotzman . . . my daughter went to high school with him. Way cool, Kyle! Anyway, it was a FABULOUS trip away from this lousy winter in Boise. I’m so happy we got to go and I loved every minute of it. Now I’m trying to talk my husband into buying me a Snowbird condo!

Enjoy the photos.







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