An Open Letter To The Incarcerated Men . . . You Know Who You Are


Guys . . . I know you all have a story to tell, and I’m sorry for your misfortunes. It’s never your fault, and I sympathize, but honestly . . . I don’t have time to be anyone’s pen-pal. I don’t know why it is, but I’m getting a lot of fan-letters these days from men who are serving time. No, I can’t come visit you, even if you send me the application form in advance. No, I don’t ship any personal items of my clothing through the U.S. mail (or overnight)–you know which unmentionables you ask for. No, I won’t send you my photograph, not even without the autograph. And, yes, I’m aware my photo is in the back of the book, but that’s going to have to hold you over. Yes, I really look like my picture, but I gain and lose weight, so on any day, it might be a bad time of the year and I’m in my fat jeans. Yes, I am tall, so I am most likely taller than you. No, I won’t be able to contact someone for you. Yes, I am very happily married and I’m not looking to hook up with anyone else.

I appreciate all the kind words about my writing and my books, and I’m happy they help the days pass for you. In a different time, you’d be able to read them on a beach instead of where you are, so I hope that one day, you can enjoy the freedoms this country allows. God bless, and take care.

Stef Ann Holm

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