A Huge Fan

My job is interesting. I write books. I have fans write me letters and e-mails. It’s a cool thing. So when I’m a fan of someone, I hope they think that’s a cool thing, too.

I recently started watching a show called BREAKING BAD. It’s on AMC. Thank goodne

ss they’ve optioned it for a Season 3. I’ve watched Season 1 and 2. I was hooked after the first episode. It stars Bryan Cranston–Hal from Malcolm in the Middle fame (and almost completely unrecognizable.) And Aaron Paul. I’ve never see his work before and I don&#82

17;t know why not. This actor is amazing. He plays Jesse Pinkman.

A summary about the series storyline. High school chemistry teacher, Walter White, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He has a teenage son at home with cerebral palsy (played with such w

armth and determination by RJ Mitte) and a lovely wife who has an “oops” pregnancy later in life. Walter can’t accept the fact he’ll leave them without financial soundness. On a ride-along with his DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank, Walter recognizes a former student turned meth dealer–Jesse Pinkman. The two, through a series of mishaps, hook up and scheme to cook the best meth New Mexico has seen.

When I told a friend about this plotline, she wasn’t interested. She said drugs are bad and she doesn’t want them glorified. Yes, they’re bad. Yes, meth is horrible. But the show takes meth and makes it a character of its own. I can’t really describe it, but Walter White’s obsession with making money for his family treads over the real evils of meth use. It’s in later episodes that the viewer pans closer to the “meth” character with all its ugliness . . . and by now, Walter wants out. But he’s told so many lies upon lies, he can’t keep anything straight.

One of the reasons I was hooked into this show was Aaron Paul’s incredible acting. He plays the character so seamlessly, that I believe him to be the two-bit dealer he is. He may talk tough, act tough, but deep down, his heart is big and his fears are real. The background the show’s creators have given the character are broad, thought-out and realistic.

As I often do when I’m interested in a show, I dig deeper and want to know more about it. In researching other films/shows Aaron Paul has played in, I discovered something totally great. He’s from Idaho! Emmett to be exact. That’s like 30 minutes from my house. I thought that was the greatest thing. His real name is Aaron Paul Sturtevant. I’m not divulging private information–I found this on the Internet. Anyway, from what I real he now lives in Hollywood. He started in Idaho and is California. I started in California and am now in Idaho.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for a GREAT show to watch–get BREAKING BAD. You will NOT be disappointed. And if anyone has found this blog by looking for Aaron Paul, and if you are Aaron Paul : ”Yo, hit me up in an e-mail.” I’d love to say hi.

Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul


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