A Chef’s Affair

Boise has some pretty good fund-raisers. I’ve been to several now, one even at the Governor’s Ranch. The latest one my hubby and I attented was the Chef’s Affair at the Boise Centre on the Grove. I’d wanted to do this one because I love to cook and I like Tyler Flore

nce even more. He was the celebrity chef for the event. Since the evening was black tie–we got spiffed up and went to the small gathering of “fans” to see Tyler cook for us. What a fabulous hour and a half! We learned how to make some really good things. When I try them, I’ll post the recipes and share. I bought Tyler’s book and had him autograph it to me. I rarely get an autographed book from someone since I do that for my job, and meeting most writers–well, they’re my friends anyway. But this was quite exciting to have Tyler sign my cookbook for me.


We enjoyed a five course meal made by Idaho’s top chef’s. Oddly enough–my favorite selection was the “pork belly.” I know–major yuck-factor, but it actually won the audience award for favorite entree. The evening raised quite a lot of money for the Idaho Food Bank. I am amazed, and proud, of how Boise steps up to the plate and takes care of things when they are needed. My husband got into quite the lively bidding–with the “female” auctioneer coaxing him on. Too funny.

Coming soon:

Tyler’s recipe for skirt steak and homemade onion rings. Oh–and a strawberry shortcake that looked to die for!

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