Forget Me Not

Pocket Books | 0-671-00204-X

Newly independent city girl Josephine Whittaker succeeded in heading West, all on her own. But once she set foot in the crude cow town of Sienna, Wyoming, her first inclination was to board the next train back out- and she would have,if she hadn’t lost everything she owned. Suddenly, a job as a ranch cook seemed a good idea—at least it was better than making money as a dance-hall girl. It didn’t seem that important if she neglected to tell her new boss that she’d never so much as boiled an egg…

J.D. McCall knew from teh get-go that a pretty lady in the chuck wagon with a buncyh of cowboys meant trouble. But he faced mutiny among his ranch hands if he didn’t bring home a cook—and she said fried beef was her specialty. How could he know he’d never want to let her go? J.D.’s own mother had abandoned his father and the harsh frontier life to go back East. Loving Josephine was sure to break his heart…unless this lady proved she had grit, gumption, and what it took to be a cattle rancher’s wife—his wife.


“[Stef Ann Holm has an] incredible talent for re-creating romantic Americana.”
Harriet Klausner, Affair de Coeur

“Stef Ann Holm creates an engaging love story.”
Romantic Times