Seasons of Gold

Pocket Books | 0-671-74126-8

Widowhood freed Holly Dancer from the shame of her marriage. Billy was dead…murdered. She vowed to turn her back on love and become an independent woman. But when Jackson Ledgeway Steele sauntered into Deadwood Gulch and saved her life, Holly saw her fate in the gunslinger’s smoky eyes.

He had uprooted himself, erased every trace of his former life. His prestigious past had vanished like dust on the wind. He thought his secrets were safe, that he could solve Billy Dancer’s murder without revealing his true identity. But he hadn’t reckoned on Holly Dancer…and the need for love she unleashed in him.

Shyly, warily, Holly gentled to Jack’s touch, revelling in sensations she had never known, sharing her shameful past—until she discovered the man she trusted had betrayed her. He couldn’t let her go. His precious, beautiful Holly was in danger, and for her, he would risk everything…”


“An exciting novel filled with sensual awakenings, adventure and engaging characters.”
Kat Martin, author of Captain’s Bride

“Seasons of Gold has it all – adventure, humor, mystery, sensuality, and two unforgettable lovers. This is Stef Ann Holm at her best!”
Romantic Times

“Kudos to Ms. Holm for a terrific novel.”
Rondezvous Magazine