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An Igniting Attraction

Series: To Protect and Serve Heroes in Uniform | Book 1

Fireman Tony Cruz faces the charred ruins of his life. Burned by his adulteress wife, Tony just lost his precious step-daughter in the resulting divorce.

Across the street, Natalie Goodwin is enjoying her empty nest. The ink dry on her divorce papers and her daughter now in college, Natalie is realizing her dream: opening her very own flower shop. Life is finally going right, until Tony Cruz walks in the door.

Now sparks of desire are flying everywhere, each one threatening to ignite Natalie’s own fire. But falling for a hunky fireman nine years her junior is not part of the plan.

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“…plenty of smoldering romance…”
~A Romance Review

“…shows that you are never too young or too old for romance.”
~ Booklist

“Holm’s comedic flair is much in evidence in this fast-paced story. 4 STARS!”
~ Contemporary Romance Reviews

An Arresting Attraction

Series: To Protect and Serve Heroes in Uniform | Book 2

Burned-out Miami PD detective Paul Cabrera is determined to slow down. Reporting for a deputy job in Majestic, Colorado, where the most exciting police work will be writing parking tickets, Paul didn’t plan on falling in lust with the very sexy Deputy Lanie Prescott.

Lanie Prescott wants respect. But that word isn’t in the Chief of Police’s vocabulary. Determined to be taken seriously as a police officer, Lanie ignores her smokin’ hot replacement and packs her bags for a law-enforcement job in the city.

But an emerging crime wave temporarily puts Lanie back on the Majestic force, and what began as an arresting attraction between Paul and Lanie just may become a long-term incarceration of the heart.

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“Stef Ann Holm at her sexy and irresistible best.”
~New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

“…a feel good tale…”
~Romance Reviews Today

Girls Night

Series: Single Moms, Second Chances | Book 1

Jillene McDermott is raising two daughters, alone. Her coffee bar, Java The Hut, is on life support and the only place she can find a quiet moment is in the tub.

Claire and Faye, Jillene’s teenage daughters, know their mom deserves some happiness. But their good intentions go wrong when infamous crime writer Vince Tremonti steps up to play Jillene’s “boyfriend.”

Vince has briefly returned to Blue Heron Beach to rethink his flagging career. He doesn’t have time to get involved with anyone, much less a young widow with a ready-made family. Still, he owes Karma a good deed or two.

But when a couple of dates threaten to become a summer fling, suddenly the breakfast lattes aren’t the only brews steaming in Blue Heron Beach.

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“Don’t miss this incredible read!”
~Romance Review Today

“…will make you laugh and cry and fall in love again.”
~New York Times bestselling author Jill Barnett

Lucy Gets Her Life Back

Series: Single Moms, Second Chances | Book 2

Arriving in Red Duck, Idaho, with recipes, ambition, a silent prayer and two teenage boys, Lucy Carpenter plans to cook her way into the hearts and wallets of celebrities frequenting the nearby ski resort. All she needs is Drew Tolman, former pro baseball player turned local big shot, to put the word out.

Soon everyone’s got Lucy’s number, including Drew. But Drew knows he needs more help reconciling with his seventeen year old daughter–following a life-wrecking scandal of his own making–than he needs a personal chef.

But as Lucy’s side-dishes of advice and companionship prove even more beneficial than her meals, Drew begins hunting for a way to convince the tempting Lucy that she’s the dessert he’s been saving room for.

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“…fresh, likeable characters.”

“…storytelling is effortless and breezy.”
~Romance Reader Reviews

“Hysterically funny…. 4 STARS!”

~Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Pink Moon

Series: Single Moms, Second Chances | Book 3

Single mom, Lauren Jessup, quickly realizes the waitressing job she took in the California coastal town of Bella Luna will never pay the bills. But she’s a good listener, and regular customer Nick DiMartino needs a sympathetic ear.

Nick DiMartino is willing to do anything to gain permanent custody of his child–even leave Bella Luna and the home he and his young son love.

But Lauren knows the pain of never being allowed to stay in one place long enough to grow roots and vows to stay and help Nick and his son…at least until the Pink Moon.

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“Nobody writes families like Stef Ann Holm.”
~New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie

“…a sigh-inducing romance that’s virtually irresistible.”
~Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“…well worth your time.”
~Writers Unlimited, Kimberly Holt

“As always, Ms. Holm earns an A+”
~The Romance Readers Connection

Kiss So Sweet

Series: From the Heart Series | Book 1

When the mantel of leadership falls upon Architect Francesca Moretti to see a high-profile construction project to completion, she rallies to the challenge. Construction may be a guy’s world, but Franci intends to prove she’s just as comfortable in steel-toed work boots as designer heels.

Then the financing company sends Kyle Jagger, a glorified nitpicking babysitter, to oversee her every move. As Kyle constantly looks over Franci’s shoulder—and not always at the blueprints—Franci gets the distinct impression his interests extend to more than the bottom line.

Previously titled: All The Right Angles

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“Holm brings readers a sweet, family-oriented romance…the story of the hero and heroine’s burgeoning relationship is a charming one, and the external conflict arising between them is especially strong.”
-Romantic Times BOOKreviews on All the Right Angles

I loved this book! The characters were wonderful and witty, and I laughed a lot. Complete with heart-wrenching scenes as well as light-hearted ones, this novel brought out the full spectrum of emotions, while having an interesting and well-developed storyline. It was a wonderful story, and one that I will read again.
-The Romance Readers Connection, Rita Tompkins

Come Kiss Me

Series: From the Heart Series | Book 2

When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down the boutique bakery Chloe Lawson’s worked so hard to establish, she’s furious. Her life may not be picture-perfect, but her custom cakes and pastries are the talk of the town, and she likes it that way.

What Chloe needs is a champion, and John Moretti—a handsome, widowed, high-powered attorney who can impress everyone except his two rebellious teenagers—fits the bill perfectly.

John is shocked when he finds himself considering Chloe’s little cause, much less falling for her. But once he samples her home-baked charms, he’s hooked—and determined to make her a permanent part of his family.

Previously titled: All That Matters

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“A wisp of mystery combined with more than one enchanting romance and some engaging characters makes this an extremely enjoyable story. The final resolution is very well done and should leave readers satisfied. Summary: Bakery owner Chloe Lawson has great plans for her business, until she receives notice that a large grocery chain store is buying the space she rents. Determined to fight, she contacts lawyer John Moretti, not realizing that his associates represent the chain store. John still mourns the loss of his beloved wife three years previously and has trouble connecting with his two teenage children. Chloe touches his emotions in an unexpected way, and he soon winds up conflicted in his business and his personal life. As for Chloe, between a possible stalker ex-husband and concerns about her business, she now must deal with the unwanted attraction she feels for John.”

-Faygie Levy, Executive Editor
-Romantic Times BOOKreviews on All That Matters

“Stef Ann Holm’s All That Matters is a lovely story about romance, family, and relationships. John and Chloe were both wonderful characters. As I got to know John, I loved him even more. Imagine, a romance hero who isn’t a slut! John is a rare breed, and I respected him for it. He’s a good man, who’s trying to do the right thing with his family in getting past their tragedy, and his general outlook on life was one I really appreciated seeing in a hero. Chloe, too, was a good heroine; she’s likable, funny, principled, and just a good person.”

-Jane Granville

Kiss Me Now

Series: From the Heart Series | Book 3

Single mom Danalee Jackson owns the Blue Note—a successful Alaskan jazz bar. She also manages a failing float-plane business while raising her son. When the bar is flagged for code violations, Dana is certain she has no time for romance.

Burned-out after finishing his father’s legacy project—the multimillion-dollar Grove Marketplace—Mark Moretti is ready for a summer-long fishing trip. But a canceled flight stranded him in Ketchikan, where he lands at the Blue Note.

One look at the exotically beautiful Dana and Mark offers to do the construction work required to clear the code violations. Mutual attraction sparks into flame, but Dana’s fierce independence threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt.

Previously titled: All That You Are

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“Fans who have followed the escapades of the older Moretti brothers in All The Right Angles and All That Matters will enjoy meeting wild-child Mark, age 40 and facing a midlife crisis. While spending the summer in Ketchikan, Alaska, he’s thrown out of the Blue Note bar and into love with its beautiful proprietor, Danalee Jackson, a part-black, part-Chinese 28-year-old with a murky history, a young son and a policy against dating customers. When the Blue Note is cited for building violations, financially strapped Dana accepts Mark’s offer of help, and their relationship unfolds through verbal jabs that turn gradually into conversations . . . Holm’s affection for her characters and the beautiful setting lend a hint of savor to this sweet souffle. (Oct.)”

Publisher’s Weekly

Reader Rating: * * * * *

“In Ketchikan, Alaska single mom Danalee Jackson runs her late father’s jazz club, the Blue Note. She is lonely and struggling to balance managing the bar and raising her son, but loves living in this gateway city to the final American frontier. With the death of his father, Mark Moretti finished their last job alone in honor of his dad. However after completing the downtown Boise project, he never had time to grieve his loss. Feeling a desperate need to get away, Mark goes off on a summer long fishing trip with no end in mind. In Ketchikan, Mark meets Danalee and her young son, who take away the blue feelings even as he goes back to work renovating her bar to meet the code. The location and the eccentric Blue Note patrons add depth to an enjoyable relatively simplistic contemporary romance of two lonely people falling in love. The lead couple and her son are fully developed protagonists and the audience will want the best for each of them, but the city and its surrounding area steals the show as Stef Ann Holm vividly paints the landscape.”

-Harriet Klausner


Series: Brides for All Seasons | Book 1

When prim deportment teacher Edwina huntington finds herself co-owner of a warehouse with rugged sportsman Tom Wolcott, togetherness in Harmony, Montana, is a anything but. And as soon as they discover that they clash more than their choices of paint colors—lemon yellow and slaughter red—sparks fly in every shade. Edwina wants to educate women on the ceremonies of society, as preparation for marriage—though she’s resigned to spinsterhood. Tom hasn’t thought much about matrimony one way or the other—his world of big guns and big grizzlies has kept him plenty occupied—until now.

Equally fierce-willed, Edwina and Tom square off for a showdown. But they’re both helpless in the face of the powerful attraction that explodes between them, and soon the battle of the sexes rages in a new direct…true love.

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“Romantic comedy at its best. I loved it.”
Jill Barnett, bestselling author of Wonderful

“Stef Ann Holm has no equal when it comes to wit, style and authenticity…For warmth, charm, story, and unforgettable characters, Harmony is a perfect run!”
Maggie Osborne, author of The Promise of Jenny Jones

“Harmony is a laugh-out-loud read. Stef Ann Holm has created the most warm-hearted, heart-stirring romance of the season.”
4 1/2 Gold!
Romantic Times


Series: Brides for All Seasons | Book 2

Using an alias, stunt reporter Matthew Gage arrives in Harmony, Montana, to uncover the cheating going on in the town’s famous annual fly-fishing contest—not to tangle lines with a husband-hunting miss. But as soon Meg Brooks get stuck under his hotel bed, he’s hooked on her hoydenish charm. Besides, he hopes she’ll provide him with insider information—and a few kisses—while he snoops around.

But innocent Meg believes Matthew is “Vernon Wilberforce”, a polite carpet-sweeper salesman, the gentelman-caller of her dreams. As the fishy scandal threatens to upset Harmony, Meg employs every lure in teh book to land Matthew. But her heart will be broken by a man who isn’t what he seems…unless they each learn the truth: The best prize in life is fiven, not won. It’s love.

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“Endearing Americana with a smile on every page.”
Jill Marie Landis, bestselling author of Glass Beach

“Stef Ann Holm disehs up a slice of Americana that is not only love and laughter at its best, but a darned good emotional read.”
Susan Thomas, Calico Trails

“Completely captures the aura of middle America with reality and warmth, as she breathes life into engaging characters and creates a town where people seem like your neighbors: you’d move in, if you could.”
Romantic Times


Series: Brides for All Seasons | Book 3

Camille Kennison is the most beautiful woman in Harmony, Montana, but she seems destined to end up a spinster. Although she’s received marriage proposals, no man has stirred her heart or her passion. She thinks she’s struck out forever. Until Alex Cordova arrives in town.

A darkly handsome former baseball star, Alex swore he’d never play ball again, but circumstances have arisen and he needs the money. So when Camille offers him a contract with her father’s teeam, he has little choice but to wear a uniform again.

Soon Camille is managing the bungling team, and Alex would rather make a play for the pretty honey than pitch baseballs. He hopes to win her over, but a secret tragedy in his past could throw them both a curveball…unless they learn that truth paves the path to their field of dreams.

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“This is romance at its best.”
Jayne Ann Krentz

“A wonderful novel. Rich, romantic, and exciting. I didn’t want it to end!”
Dorothy Garlock, author of With Heart

“The multi-textured plot and three-dimensional characters combined with that Americana feel create a bit of homespun perfection.”
Romantic Times

“Laughter abounds in Honey, assuring that I have a great time in Harmony.”
Mrs. Giggles


Series: Brides for All Seasons | Book 4

Suspended for teaching human sexuality to her students, Truvy Valentine has come to Harmony, Montana, to visit her dear friend, Edwina, and try to forget that she willmost likely die a tall, athletic old maid. Although she has deligently studied how to choose a perfect mate, no book could prepare her for her attraction to Jake Brewster, a man whose facorite things in life seem to be beer, boxing, and poker.

The proud owner of Bruiser’s Gymnasium, Jake has littel patience for the proper Miss Valentine—until he gets a taste of what simmers beneath her prim exterior. Trouble is, Jake’s not the marrying kind—not hardly. Soon Truvy is teaching dance classes at Edwina’s school and Jake is making her head spin. But the magic they find in each other’s arms could turn to heartache unless they can learn to let go of the past and step into the future—together.

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“A book you won’t want to miss! Stef Ann Holm is a refreshingly original voice in romance fiction, with characters that leap off the page.”
Joan Johnston, New York Times bestselling author of The Texan

“Stef Ann Holm rounds out her Brides for All Seasons series with another appealing love story. As always, readers feel a true sense of ‘being there’.”
Romantic Times

“A wonderful journey that entertains until the last page is turned”

Upon a Midnight Clear

Series: Brides for All Seasons | Book 5

A spirited Irishwoman comes to a rugged Colorado town to govern a young ruffian and learns a love lesson from the boy’s father….In the midst of a blizzard, a snowbound woman offers shelter to a mysterious stranger….Home for the holidays, an artist proves opposites can attract when she falls for an unconventional doctor….A holly berry-picking contest in the California hills brings two determined hearts together for the greatest prize of all….A lively family reunion on a Montana ranch brings on a flurry of memories for a beautiful young writer – and a winter storm that rekindles an old flame….

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“Will brighten the holidays and warm the hearts and souls of readers.”
Abilene Reporter-News

“Curl up and keep this one close!”
The Literary Times

“A definite touch of holiday magic.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“This is a holiday present every romance reader will be thrilled to receive.”
Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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