New Contest Coming Soon

I’m not running a contest now, but I’m up for an award so here’s the details. ALL THAT YOU ARE has been nominated for an RT Booklover aware in the Best Contemporary Romance of 2009. Pretty cool. Not sure when the winner is picked. I think maybe in the spring. I’ll be posting a new and awesome contest after the first of the year and it will be a good one! Keep returning for details.

It’s Baaaaaaaaacckkk!

The other day, my husband sent me to Lowe’s for some wood glue. I walked in, and to my right . . . a tiny end cap of Christmas things on clearance for 75% off. I took a quick inventory of the owl dressed like Santa, squirrel wearing an elf suit and the leftover ornaments that nobody would want full price much less deep discounted. I moved on. And then I saw “it” around the corner. It was BACK! My steps took a joyous bounce, my heart filled with happiness.


The gardening aisle! BBQs were being moved back into place, plants, bird feeders, ceramic frogs, pots . . . Lowe’s was getting ready for SPRING! I know I’ve been ready for it since the first day of winter. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t like the cold. I don’t like winter. I don’t ski, don’t play in the snow. I don’t like walking on ice, driving on black ice. I don’t like shoveling snow.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas and the Christ’s birth, but given my choice, we’d have one day of winter–Christmas, then move things right along back to warm weather and summer. January 1 marks my countdown to shorts and flip flops. Summer tans. My sparkling pool. A good book.

I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Of Note on Television . . . Not that I watch that much. :-)

So I haven’t made note of what’s on television since the ’90s when I tried to stay up on a variety of weekly shows. I got burned out on TV, found other things to do with my time. This fall, I started getting more interested in shows on TV and developed a following. Here’s a list of viewing that I plan on doing in early 2010.

January 5 – Biggest Loser (became a fan this last season)

January 12 – American Idol (Paula, no Paula, I could care less)

January 14 – Project Runway (never watched this one, but I heard it was really good)

February 2 – Lost (final season for the show–last year’s episodes were stupid, but I need to finish the series LOL)

March 16 – Breaking Bad Season 2 is released on DVD. A MUST SEE

March 2010 – Breaking Bad Season 3 airs. Not sure the date, but I have been waiting a year for this one. A phenomenal show.

April 11 – The Tudors (amazing acting and costumes)

April 13 – Glee (returns with a cast that is simply delicious–Sue Sylvester is the funniest character on television)

And that’s my line up. Got to love TiVo so I can watch the shows when I want to.

The Dreaded Buffet

As I sit and make out my Christmas menu for 15 adults and 7 kids, I anticipate making all this yummy food for everyone. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating. Then I started thinking about all the good food I’ve eaten this year. Locally, our favorites have been

Gino’s (Gino–you’re da bomb and we love seeing you!), Murphy’s, Cottonwood Grille, Brick 29 (probably # 1 in our book–Dustin is the creative genius of Idaho), DaVinci’s, Chandler’s (delightful meal with the owner, Rex.) So much food, so much wine and enjoying it with friends. I love being served in a nice setting, having a glass of wine, appetizers and visiting. Made me realize just how much I don’t like buffet food and avoid it.


Food should not be served under warming lights, and on top of hot water trays. Food should especially not be served under a sneeze shield . . . and the salad spoon held by the greasy hand that had just wiped a booger from under a stuffy nose. Horrors and shudder. I call for a ban of all buffets.

My Girls

My daughters are cool and fun and happy and nice and polite. I love hanging out with them. I miss them not living at home. It wasn’t always like this, and maybe if they did move back, I’d be reminded of all the stuff they did that irritated me. Such as . . . Kayla’s empty milk cups all over the house. Messes in the sink from Pasta Alfredo. Nights awake waiting up for them to come home. Dirty laundry. Nobody picking up the dog poop. Boys coming over that I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” Thankfully those boys are out of the picture. Messy bedrooms. Their bathroom with the hair clogging the shower drain. Someone always yacking on the phone or on my computer when I needed it. Blankets on the living room sofa. My TV clicker missing–usually stuffed in the sofa cushions and I couldn’t find it.

But for all that little things, I miss them being in bed at night, and the three of us knowing we were all home safe and snug. The mornings when I’d make pancakes and Molly the beagle would beg for syrup. The whir of blow dryers drying all that long hair. The thump of feet running down the steps dashing off to school. Our “girls nights” when we’d lay in one bed and talk about stuff and laugh. Good times . . . I am so glad I have my memories.

This is my girls today. Still silly. Still sweet. Still dear friends who I adore.


My Daughter Whitney

Today my daughter has to get some dental work and she’s taking the relaxation drugs so I’ll be picking her up after she’s done. Poor kid. She’s almost 23, and she still wanted to come home to mom’s house after I get her. I have the blankie ready on the sofa, th

e Jello made, even some apple sauce. She wants to watch cable since she doesn’t have it at her apartment. A little more about Whitney is She attends BSU and is getting a psychology degree. I’m not sure how it all works, but she has to get a masters (two more years) and is eluding to going to New York City for that. Chag Ching. I better sell more books.

Whitney is a pretty cool daughter. She’s funny and has a great personality. She’s nice to her sister–they live together. (And her sister is nice to her because she’s taking her to the dentist this morning, then heading to work. I pick up.)

When my daughters moved out, it seems like I don’t have that many photos of them anymore. But I did snag this one from her Facebook. I made her the Morticia dress for Halloween. (She’s wearing a wig.) That’s her boyfriend. They were looking rather Addams. Ohhhhhhhhhh.


Fawn and Nola–Fans Of The Day

My husband is a very romantic man. He doesn’t think so, but I’m on the receiving end and I think that flowers for no reason other than “I love you” is top notch in my book. So yesterday, he comes home with flowers and a darling winter plaque. That alone would be grea

t, but there’s a story that goes with the gifts.

My husband went to the florist to buy me pink flowers. Pink is my favorite color. He’s so sweet to think of me. Anyway, there’s a woman ahead of him and she’s placing her order. Greg, who can talk to anyone, adds to the conversation and it turns out, the woman’s name is Nola, and she loves romance novels. She mentions to my husband that she’s reading a local author and loving the book. It’s by, “Stef Ann – Something.” My husband smiles and says, “Stef Ann Holm.” Nola exclaims, “That’s right!” Greg informs her that he’s my husband. Well, Nola almost asked Greg for his autograph to prove to her friend, Fawn, that she met the author’s husband. Fawn lives locally and got Nola interested in my books.

Anyway, small world. Funny how you go into a store for one thing, and find out someone is reading your wife’s book. Greg is such a good sport about it all and he’s genuinely proud. So thanks, Greg! And thanks to Fawn and Nola for being my Fans Of the Day.


This is the darling plaque my husband bought me. It’s a snowman and snow woman and it says “You melt my heart.” So cute!


And here’s my beautiful roses.

Handicap Vent – Part 2

So I haven’t been able to get to the mall and Christmas shop due to my foot surgery. My daughter had a day off and she offered to take me and push me in a wheelchair. I discovered a few things while being rolled through the mall. One, I felt like I had to tell people I was in the chai

r because of foot surgery, not because I was paralyzed. Two, the Boise Towne Square Mall is not handicap friendly.

In the main mall area, excluding department stores, there are two stairways and four escalators. The able-bodied can go up and down between the t

wo floors at their leisure without having to go out of their way to get from the first floor to second floor. In the main mall area–there is only one elevator for the disabled. If you’re toward the end of floor two and want something on floor one, you have to go all the way back to the middle area of the mall and get on the elevator. Or, you can go out of your way inside a department store and use their elevator.

I realize there are more people who can walk, but those who can’t, this has been another eye-opener. I feel bad those in wheelchairs have to make extra effort to get between floors to shop.

Kudos, however, to the mall itself. Wheelchairs are free to anyone who needs one. That made shopping easier (and doable) for me. My daughter did a good job wheeling me around accept for the time she shoved me in the elevator and it was too short (another complaint I have about the mall) and my foot crashed into the wall. Also, something else we don’t think about as walking people . . . we can move through racks of clothing no problem. When you’re in a wheelchair, the areas are too tight and my wheels wouldn’t fit through. I missed a lot of shopping due to this fact. Also, clothing on high racks on the walls are impossible for me to look at without help getting the items down from the rack. And in the Macy’s housewares department, my daughter almost wiped out the Lennox China display with my chair when she was trying to get me into a tight spot by the holiday linens. We gave up.

And yes . . . sadly . . . I felt compelled to mention to people I wasn’t wheelchair bound, but rather, recovering from surgery. What does that say? Shame on me.

Oh, Snap!

This Boise cold snap is worse than I thought. It was -5 this morning at 4:00am. Holy Icicles, Batman!